What you can expect :
  • After we receive your booking enquiry, you get a detail offer about availability,
    total costs and the cancellation policies for the requested period.
  • Given that you entered a valid email address, you will receive an answer within
    a few hours. However, due to different time zones and weekends, this can be
    delay by up to 24-48 hours in some cases.
  • If room is available and you wish to confirm, you might be ask to secure the
    booking by a deposit within 3 days. Please note, that room availability
    sometimes change daily, especially during peak seasons.
  • The deposit is usually between 10-30%. The balance to be paid either direct
    at the hotel or 2 weeks before arrival. This depends on seasonal policies by
    the hotels and all these details you will receive in our email response.
  • For any deposit, you will receive an electronic payment receipt. In case a
    balance payment is requested 2 weeks before arrival, you will also receive
    an exchange voucher to be shown when check-in.
  • For pick-up service request, please re-confirm flight details before arriving.
  • Never send credit card details by email or from unsecured websites !
    Either use our secure online payment page or send credit card details by Fax.
  • If you have to cancel a reservation, please do it as early as possible by email
    or Fax. Deposits are usually non-refundable unless other notice.